The North American Mycological Association

Voucher Collection Program

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Patrick Leacock* (chair and coordinator)
Wyatt Gaswick* (voucher assistant)
Adele Mehta (foray recorder)
Greg Mueller* (liason)
Jack Murphy* (past chair)
Allein Stanley
Dave Lewis
John Plischke*
Noah Siegel*
Jerry Sheine*
Betty Strack*
Michael Wood*
Gabrielle Zeiger*

2009 Louisiana

2008 Idaho - - List, Notes

2007 West Virginia - - List, Notes

2006 Alberta - - List, Notes

2005 Wisconsin

2004 North Carolina - - List, Notes

2003 Quebec

2002 Oregon -- Notes

2001 Minnesota -- Notes, List, Database

2001 North Carolina Regional -- Database

2000 Texas - - List, Database

1999 Missouri -- Database

1998 California -- Database

1997 Colorado -- Database

Paragyrodon sphaerosporus is a Midwest endemic bolete species.
Found on the Minnesota foray, Paragyrodon sphaerosporus is a Midwest endemic bolete species.

Voucher specimens are preserved in the
Mycology Herbarium of The Field Museum.

-- NAMA website
NAMA 2004-001, Cyathus stercoreus
Cyathus striatus, the first voucher at the 2004 foray, found on the university campus.

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